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Why Nimble Agency

Our mission is to challenge the status quo in the entertainment industry, by having a continuous impact on the careers of our clients, artists and enterprises, through turning insight into meaningful intelligence that present long-term growth opportunities for the needs of our clients.

Before starting Nimble Agency, the two founders had been active on the artistic and corporate side of the entertainment business. In their accumulated twelve years of experience, they have worked together with 20+ corporates and 140+ artists. While doing so, they discovered the unceasing struggle of entertainment business entities in defining their strategic path, both in detecting and solving problems as well as uncovering and utilizing the opportunity. Nimble Agency serves this increasing demand, by entailing management consulting that develops the analytical presentation of potential growth opportunities and monitoring the implementation of thereof.

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About Us

Nimble Agency strives to challenge the status quo in the music industry, by having a continuous impact on the careers of its clients through turning insight into meaningful long-term growth opportunities. By doing so, we strive to become the leading music business consultancy firm.


Nimble Agency is a consultancy agency, providing services to both artists and music businesses. Although Nimble has global online focus, it was established by its two founders early 2016 in the Netherlands.

Our Diamond Standards

  1. We enjoy meeting world class concepts that are ready for the next step
  2. We create strong relationships
  3. We identify true ambitions
  4. We empower ambition by providing customized services
  5. We love hearing your feedback and acting upon it
  6. We continuously innovate
  7. We pursue long-lasting success
  8. We challenge the status quo by constantly exceeding expectations

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