Artist Philosophy

The 5 Success Pillars of any Artist

A Contingency Model Developed by Nimble Agency

Artist Philosophy

The Artist Philosophy Explained

Our artist philosophy is based on the “The 5 Success Pillars of Any Artist”. This is a contingency model designed by Nimble Agency to showcase what a successful artist profile is build of. The model is designed for artists in the broadest sense and is applicable to classical musicians as well as DJs. We believe artists miss their out on their given potentials by directly focusing on productions and performance, without first paying attention to the strategic side of their profile. A clearly defined strategy will not only set you apart from the competition, it wills also provide you a clear path towards reaching your goals. We believe that there are 5 crucial pillars in developing your strategy as an artist. Once these are set out, then you can start with creating tracks and performing based on your strategy. Scroll down to read what every category entails in more detail.


This is the artist philosophy we use at Nimble Agency, but is not the only method. We believe this outline showcases the most essential activities of any artist. Although there is some overlap among the pillars we think this is the best and most clear way to divide it.

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Pillar 1: Marketing

The first pillar – Marketing – develops the core foundation of an artist in terms of: market selection (what countries/markets am I going to focus on), branding (how do I want the audience to perceive me), and communication strategies (how I am going to communicate/promote my activities).

Pillar 2: Business Partners

The second pillar – Business Partners – develops the team supporting the artist in areas such as: productions, publishing, marketing, legal, finance, performing, and releasing.

Pillar 3: Network

The third pillar – Network – develops the 3rd party network of the artist. Business partners are a part of your team, whereas 3rd party networking consists of how you can make use of and help everyone in your network. This includes: producers, publishers, managers, promoters, artists, and influences.

Pillar 4: Legal

The fourth pillar – Legal – develops the legal framework around the artist’s products and services, dealing with: intellectual property law, contract law, business law, tax law, and (non-)immigration law.

Pillar 5: Finance

The fifth and final crucial pillar – Finance – develops the financial framework resulting from the artist’s activities, including: currency strategy, investment strategy, and financial management.


Once you have thoughts you the 5 key pillars of the artist philosophy and defined your strategy it is time to focus on the creative aspect of being an artist. Doing this the other way around will result in you having it difficult to separate yourself from others and developing that true unique and interesting profile. The creative process is split up in your fanbase, productions, and performance.

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Your fanbase is a direct result of the countries/markets you focus on, the image you go after, and the type of music you create. The types of fans you gain aligns very closely to productions and performances.


You want to create productions that are absolutely inline with your strategy, but more importantly with your brand image. Productions does not only refer to the genre, but your strategy also defines whether you focus on commercial or underground sounds, what key you use, and whether you work with other producers and vocalist. Defining your strategy and brand image is key to creating unique tracks that also fit your image.


For the most artist, the most important part of their career. The performance you give should be inline with the full strategy. Performance does not only include the music, but also your appearance, and any other activities that support your performance/show.