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How We Operate

At Nimble Agency, we use a 5 phase corporate philosophy for all our corporate projects. This philosophy is to give you an insight in the processes we follow and how we work with clients and approach problems at Nimble Agency. Scroll down to read what every phase entails in detail.

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Phase 1: Client Intake

The first part of the corporate philosophy is that during the intake stage, Nimble Agency will have intensive contact with the client to determine the needs, the objectives, the budget and the timeline of the process. Initially Nimble will plan a Skype call with the client, after which a personal meeting is planned. The client intake stage is completed by delivering a designated project proposal.

  • Determine Needs
  • Determine Objectives
  • Determine Budget
  • Prepare Timeline

Phase 2: Internal & External Environment

Internal Analysis

The second step in our corporate philosophy is that we will review your organization’s strengths and weaknesses along its four main benchmarks. These benchmarks assess all relevant factors within your company’s domain. The internal analysis will give your business a good sense of its basic competencies, being one of the two pillars in identifying desirable improvements within the company.

  • Customer Interface
  • Financial Aspects
  • Infrastructure
  • Product

Market Measuring & Forecasting

This phase encompasses analysing and predicting the external environment of the company. All conditions, entities, events and factors that surround the organization and influence its choices will be examined. By conducting both qualitative and quantitative research, Nimble Agency will measure the current external market of your company and determine its future. By doing so, it formed the second pillar in identifying desirable improvements within the company.

  • Qualitative Analysis
  • Quantitative Analysis

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Phase 3: Define Opportunity

Third in our corporate philosophy, by identifying your companies’ basic competencies in the internal analysis, and estimating the external environment through market measuring & forecasting, Nimble Agency will define desirable improvements that your company should make to meet the requirements of the intended market. The opportunity blueprint’s feasibility will be determined by discussing it with all involved stakeholders in the company. By doing so, Nimble Agency will deliver the most achievable and aligned opportunity blueprint for the company.

  • Stakeholder Negotiations
  • Opportunity Blueprint
  • Feasibility Valuation

Phase 4: Deliver Recommendations

True recommendations do not only deliver an opportunity blueprint; they also assess the operational impact it will have on the company. Therefore, recommendations from Nimble Agency will also include the concrete organizational and financial consequences it will have on your company, both cost, and benefit. By doing so, we only bring recommendations that are truly ready-to-launch.

  • Organizational Consequences
  • Financial Consequences

Phase 5: Measure Impact

The final step of our corporate philosophy; we do not only deliver recommendations; we also measure the effect of implementing them. Our impact measurement contains of qualitative and quantitative indicators of how well your organization is achieving the desired objectives. By assessing the implementation on the same four benchmarks as the internal analysis, Nimble will provide an objective sense of your business is operating and whether improvement is required.

  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Customer Assessment
  • Financial Assessment
  • Product Assessment

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