International University – Engaging Students


Industries: Education

Services: Branding Strategy, Consumer Behavior, Business Partnering, and Performance.

Country: Netherlands

Mode: Distance / On Location


The Client*

International University is based in the Netherlands and mainly focuses on undergraduate education across various disciplines. International University organizes a closing event for all its 31.000+ students with internationally renowned acts.


How We Help

Nimble Agency developed and monitored the strategic aspects of the organization of the closing event. Questions we have answered, include:

  • What are students looking for in the closing event?
  • How can we engage students to participate in organizing the event?
  • How can we efficiently promote and communicate the event with our students?


Answers to the above questions were derived by actively engaging with students and interviewing students to gain an understanding of their lifestyle, needs and different personas, as well as to experiment, test, and analyze ideas.

Apart from assisting International University in answering those questions, we were also responsible for establishing and managing a creative strategic project team consisting of a design studio from Italy, a music production studio from the Netherlands, two film studios from the Netherlands, and various students.


* We made all the cases anonymous or used fictive names to comply with the NDAs we have with our clients, as well as to protect their business and the results that came out of the project to protect the customer’s competitive edge. Needless to say, the outcomes of our work is due to be remained confidential.