Marketing Company – Business Intelligence Model


Industries: Media & Entertainment

Services: Business Intelligence and Digital Transformation

Country: Netherlands

Mode: On Location


The Client*

Ad&Promo is a marketing company based in the Netherlands, who works with talent and businesses in the media and entertainment industry on a global level. Ad&Promo works with a network business model, meaning they work with various external freelancers.


How We Help

Questions we have answered, include:

  • How can we employ a data approach in our company?
  • How should we integrate our CRM, databases, accounting & HR software?
  • Can a model be developed to give insights in the sales funnel and predict sales, as well a (financial) company performance?
  • How to allocate our freelancers most efficiently?


Nimble Agency developed the blueprint for the technical integration, the model & systematic analysis, and the statistics behind it. Afterwards, Nimble Agency created and implemented the actual dynamic model, which:

  • Integrates the requested software and databases, analyses the combined data, and is being visualized on a Klipfolio Dashboard over Excel, API, databases, and Python calculations and connections.
  • Includes a tool that systematically analyses the sales funnel, predicts the success of the sales pipeline, and analyses reliability and risk of the lead and model itself.
  • Includes an optimization tool to most efficiently allocate the freelancers based on time required for a project, availability, expertise, experience, and job title.
  • Predicts financial performance based on the sales funnel and risk analysis, as well as statistical predictions on retention, costs, and hourly fees.
  • Includes significance and impact of sales funnel and predictability
  • Improves in reliability automatically over time.


* We made all the cases anonymous or used fictive names to comply with the NDAs we have with our clients, as well as to protect their business and the results that came out of the project to protect the customer’s competitive edge. Needless to say, the outcomes of our work is due to be remained confidential.