Production Studio – Competitive Edge & Business Partnering


Industries: Media & Entertainment

Services: Business Partnering, Competitor Analysis, Innovation & Growth Strategy, and International Marketing

Country: Netherlands / Global Network

Mode: On Location


The Client*

Studio Music is an online intermediary production studio operating from the Netherlands, with a talent network of 25 composers and lyricists located globally. Studio Music acts as an intermediary between composers and clients.


How We Help

Studio Music encountered the problem that within the business and industry there was a lack of proprietary IP and the risk for imitation was high. Additionally, a competitive edge over the competition was needed to create loyalty and establish customer intimacy. All with the goal to develop an edge. Questions we have answered, include:

  • What are potential sources of competitive advantage for Studio Music?
  • Is the competitive position of Studio Music sustainable?
  • How can current intellectual property (music rights) be leveraged and is a partner needed to do that effectively and correctly?


Providing Studio Music with answers to their questions we researched whether expansion, branding, relationship contracts, business structure, information technology, and intellectual property are significant sources to a competitive edge. We did this through identifying correlations and relationships between sources and variables and its effect on company and industry profit, resulting in a conclusion of sustainable and unsustainable resources for the specific industry and company. Nimble also discovered and created barriers to imitation, identified a potential partnership to leverage Studio Music’s portfolio of 200 compositions per year, and closed the deal with one of the major publishers in the music industry.

The project was highly influenced by deep web analytics research, text mining, case studies, and surveys.


* We made all the cases anonymous or used fictive names to comply with the NDAs we have with our clients, as well as to protect their business and the results that came out of the project to protect the customer’s competitive edge. Needless to say, the outcomes of our work is due to be remained confidential.