Promising Artist – Major Label Deal

The Client*

Promising artist is an artist from the United States, who started producing music about two years ago. Promising artist has already build quite a career in his home state, California, with a couple of releases on big local labels and playing gigs in the state on a monthly basis. Promising artist wants to expand his activities abroad, and is wondering how to get signed to a big label and international booking agent.


How We Help

  • How do I expand my fanbase abroad?
  • How can I get signed to a major label?
  • How can my network help me achieve my goals, and how do I expand my network abroad?
  • What do I need to get a deal with a booking agent?
  • With what other artists should I work, and how can I work with them?


The Project

  • In the first six months of working with promising artist, we focused on determining the right markets for the music of promising artist, rebranding the profile to better fit the selected markets, produced a strategy to create a fanbase outside California and determined with what artists the client should collaborate.
  • The project is still ongoing, but by now the following results have been achieved: publishing deal with Warner Chappell, label deal with Armada and an upcoming collaboration with another upcoming artist in one of the go-to markets of the artist.


* We made all the cases anonymous or used fictive names to comply with the NDAs we have with our clients, as well as to protect their business and the results that came out of the project to protect the customer’s competitive edge. Needless to say, the outcomes of our work is due to be remained confidential.