Tech Incubator Europe – Market Entry


Industries: Tech / Venture Capital

Services: Business Intelligence, Competitor Analysis, Consumer Behavior, Core Strategy and International Marketing.

Country: Portugal

Mode: On Location


The Client*

TechInc is one of the biggest and most influential tech incubators in the South of Europe, specifically in Portugal, which supports tech start-ups in their pre-revenue and launch phase. TechInc has more than 75 employees and mentors, and works with a couple dozen start-ups in the technology industry.


How We Help

Nimble Agency helped start-ups in the incubator, who have strong ties to the biggest streaming platform in the world, with analyzing and developing a market entry strategy. Questions we have answered, include:

  • How attractive is the Dutch market for company x?
  • What are viable ways for company x to expand to the Netherlands?


Nimble Agency answered this question by examining, testing and challenging the internal situation of the companies. Additionally, Nimble Agency answered this question by researching, analyzing, and evaluating the relevant legal trends and frameworks, economic trends, competitor trends, customer needs, market size, product/company/market potential, as well as identifying the technical challenges and solutions, defining the appropriate positioning, and testing strategic fit. To answer the question asked by company x, we conducted extensive empirical research mainly through text mining, in-depth interviews, and customer performance evaluations.


* We made all the cases anonymous or used fictive names to comply with the NDAs we have with our clients, as well as to protect their business and the results that came out of the project to protect the customer’s competitive edge. Needless to say, the outcomes of our work is due to be remained confidential.