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The entertainment industry has been “swimming in a sea of law” as it navigates increased regulation, varying international legal regimes, different lawsuits and the impact of stiffer legal penalties for infractions. As a result, artists and corporations have increasingly recognized that legal capabilities are crucial for ongoing corporate success, and they understand the importance of working with lawyers. Paradoxically, the processes through which corporate legal departments provide competitive advantage remain poorly understood. The entertainment industry is still trying to get their grip on music licensing, contract law and music rights for artists.


Legal services do not only concern annoying contracts; but it also creates a full overview of the legal essentials for your entity, including tax law, contract law & legal agreements with 3rd parties. Our legal services for artists and corporations create the backbone of any entertainment entity. Check out what we have done for other artists and corporations, read the insights we present on this topic and get in touch to plan a free consultancy session.

“The world’s most famous and popular language is music.” Psy
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